St. Anthony Parish Organizations

Parish Council

Father S. Stephen Engelbrecht
Deacon Nick Simon
Terry Patton
Parish Trustee
Susan Mochel 309-944-7289
Carolyn Cauwels
Altar & Rosary Society Representative
Ben Raschke 309-944-0185
Herb Vandersnick
Parish Trustee
Verna May
Parish Circles Ministry

Finance Council

Fr. S. Stephen Engelbrecht 309-936-7900
Deacon Nick Simon 309-936-7682
Ken De Smith 309-936-7715
Terry Patton, Trustee
Herb Vandersnick, Trustee 309-936-7445

CCD Program

Wednesdays During the School Year: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Katie Orwig, CCD Coordinator

Parish Circles Ministry

Verna May, Chairperson

  • Circle One Co-Chairs
    Jason Burton 309-945-5686
    Ed & Bonnie Coble 309-936-7932
    Larry & Sue Floreani 309-507-0523
    Shane Sturtewagen 309-945-3318
  • Circle Two Co-Chairs
    Jim & Carol Croegaert 309-945-3175
    Kathy Holevoet 309-936-7570
    Loren & Valerie Jackson 309-507-0054
    Josh & Elyse Wolf 309-507-0064
  • Circle Three Co-Chairs
    Gerald & Mary Buysse 309-936-7904
    Keith & Ninette Carton 309-936-7298
    Jon & Renee Hamer 309-936-7571
    Mike & Jane Murphy 309-945-2098
  • Circle Four Co-Chairs
    Wyatt Brieser 309-854-3659
    Kurt & Sandra Freddy 309-738-2881
    Barb Martins 309-502-9122
    Sharon Van Antwerp 309-936-7874
  • James & Robin Van Meenen 309-507-0240

RCIA Program

For more information, please contact Father Engelbrecht 309-936-7900.

Altar & Rosary Society

Carolyn Cauwels, President
Robin Van Meenen, Vice President
Jan Wyffels, Secretary
Ardith Burton, Treasurer

Meetings are held 6 times per year on the third Tuesday of these months – February, March, April, August, September, November.  The February, March, April and September meetings start at 6:30 PM.  The August and November meetings are potlucks and they start at 6:30PM.


Sacred Heart Parish Organizations

CCD Program

Meets Sundays during the school year at 9:00 am at the Parish Hall.

CCD Coordinator
Ashley Egan
815-718-1063 ashleysegan@gmail.com

RCIA Program

For more information about joining the RCIA program please contact Father Engelbrecht at 309-936-7900.